Meet the Artist

Author/Illustrator Mary Crowley grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey, near extended family. Her Great-Aunt Kate, who also lived in Haddonfield, often invited her to stay overnight. Mary has fond memories of time spent with a loving woman of a different generation.

After high school, Crowley went to Middlebury College in Vermont and graduated cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Life was full for decades - marriage, children, teaching - and there were moves, from New Hampshire, to New York, to Oregon, to New York, and finally back to Vermont. She now is an active participant in the life of her community in Vermont. She has a television show The Arts Show, which she produces and hosts; she sings in large choral groups; she was instrumental in bring about a street art project All Aboard Rutland, which featured large painted trains; she regularly participates in a Wednesday 7:00 a.m. Prayer Group.

In addition, she is listed in Marquis' Who's Who in American Education.

Mary and Art, her husband, have six children - Rob, John, David, Katharine, Andy, and Chris - and one grandchild, Paige. "Unfortunately," says Mary, "because Paige lives in Nevada, she has not been to Vermont to visit us by herself. Hopefully she will visit someday soon. "

I Love to Visit My Grammy is Crowley's first children's book.

She is entertaining the idea of writing and illustrating another.