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I Love to Visit My Grammy



"I think that Mary Crowley’s picture book, I Love to Visit My Grammy, is a wonderful story to keep in any parent’s or grandparent’s library. It’s a delightful way to celebrate the bond between the generations, which at times seems to be disappearing in this frantic world of ours."

—Books for Children Review, By Cynthia Kirkeby - 4/15/08
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"As a teacher, Crowley was known for her fiery-red hair, skateboard-surfer T-shirt and rainbow-striped robe. So it’s not unusual for her to craft a book with elephants splashed in vivid primary hues."

—Rutland Herald 11/12/07
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"Mary Crowley's book is an artfully created message of love and peace that touches one's heart."

—Warren Kimble, Artist, Vermont

"My younger grandchildren adore the story and pictures, while the older ones enjoy reliving the memories of our time together."

—Jacqueline Mariano, Grandmother, New Jersey (GranJackie of Francesca, J.B., Julia, Gia, Christopher, Grace, Teddy, Geno, Jack, Michael, and Olivia)

"Beautiful and insightful!"

—Jeff Shapiro, Author of the novels Renato's Luck and Secrets Of Sant'angelo, Italy


"I want you to read it again."

—Amelia, age 4 1/2, North Carolina

"I want to take it to bed."

—Piper, age 2 1/2, North Carolina




"I abso-bloomin-lutely love this book.
It's sweet and simple story is beautifully illustrated with HUGE
pictures, every page.
Mary Crowley is the Grammy we all would love to have!"

—Christine Merriman, International Award Winning Artist


"I was just blown away with the message and beauty
of the book and wanted you to know it is one of his (a grandson's) favorites. Now mine too! I'll need a couple copies at Christmas time to send to a few relatives and friends."





"She (granddaughter) is in that pre-reading stage when
she's taking an interest in combining letter sounds to make
words. The reading/listening level of your book is just
perfect for her right now. And your artistry is touching
to my heart."




"It ( the Grammy book ) is cozy and warm and comforting
and just plain delightful."





"Your book is beautiful and so fun. I can't wait to share it
with my grandchildren. I love your illustrations. They are all
so colorful and Grama-ish. Your peace prayer and song are
very special. Congratulations."





"I'm just mailing your wonderful book to a great grandchild
for Christmas. She'll love it, as I do."





"A little boy, 21 months old, said to his mother
as she was putting him to bed, "Good Night, Dear Heart." -
a line from the Grammy book. His grandmother said that
he loves the book!"





"Loved your book.....this is a keeper."





" How exciting! What a delight for our little ones."





"Congratulations on your new book! What a great gift to
parents and children."





"...story and artwork delightful...."