Introducing a new title from Mary Crowley, available December 2009:


A B C Fun with Penelope and Grammy

* A Book To Draw In *

I think it is important to learn words and to read and to write. I made this book because I also think it is very, very important to draw. This book has four drawings for every letter of the alphabet. There is a place for you to draw – whatever you would like – below my drawings. If you like, you can put letters and words there too. I think drawing is great fun. I hope you have fun drawing in this book!



Another book by Mary Crowley:


I Love to Visit My Grammy

I wrote the story and created the illustrations and believe in the themes - simple pleasures and peace on earth. I have been involved with ART for most of my life—as a teacher, artist, and now as an illustrator. Also, I am married to ART—Art Crowley, that is.


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